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Accuri™ Vitality Boost (60g)

NAD+ optimization™

Simply the best NAD supplement on the market. A special formulation guaranteed to boost your NAD level to optimum range and revitalize your cells and body.

Cells produce energy in the form of ATP to power themselves while keeping you fit and energized. This process requires the help of a coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). Accuri™ NAD Vitality Booster is a validated formulation that gets into cells and raise NAD level significantly and revitalize your cells and your body.

We recommend taking the booster twice a day and one level scoop each time. Each level scoop contains 1000mg of booster powder. You can find your optimum dosage by taking our intracellular NAD test and your physical/physiological feeling. Some people may need less or more than two scoops per day, but do not exceed four scoops per day. You simplify put the powder in a small amount of cold or room temperature water (or juice), stir briefly to dissolve the powder and then enjoy the drink. Do not mix the booster with hot water or drink because heat may degrade the ingredients. You can take the booster with or without food and at any time that you want a boost of energy.

NAD level should increase significantly and to the optimum range after two weeks. NAD level may continue to increase in the following two weeks in some people. You can take a intracellular NAD test to verify 2-4 weeks after starting the booster.

The product works so well that we guarantee a successful outcome to elevate your NAD level to the optimum range as evaluated by our intracellular NAD assay. Otherwise, we work with you to identify a successful strategy to raise your NAD or you get a full refund for the supplements.

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